Your wedding photos are - HANDS DOWN - the most important photographs you'll ever take.

And, you don't get a second chance to get it right.

Which is why (after much debate) I decided to call this blog reasons to trust us with your wedding photography (as opposed to its previous working title: reasons to hire me). Because ultimately trust is what this process is all about.

Trust plays a big part when it comes to finalising your wedding photographer (No pressure). And while I can't vouch for other photographers, I can vouch for us. And trust is something I definitely don't take lightly.

So, if you do trust us with your wedding photos (and I hope you do) here are just a few of the reasons why Tash & Will won't let you down.

Black and white wedding photo of couple
Moorhill House Garden wedding photos


I'm a human being. I cry when things are sad, and I'm happy, well actually I'm happy most of the time. Not very much makes me sad. Anyway, the point is, I can’t NOT care about my couples.

Caring is ingrained in me in just the same way as breathing. And it's not just your photographs I care about. I care about you guys, the couple getting married. I care that you're comfortable and happy. Not just on the day itself, but leading up to it too. I care because I want you to truly have the best wedding day ever. It's the best day of your life and trust me, as someone who's been there and got the T-shirt, your wedding day flies by in a flash.

So we do everything in our power to make sure we're capturing all those precious moments and memories on camera (as discreetly as possible).

The Hospital of St Cross Wedding Ceremony exit
Chilworth Manor children playing in garden
bride hugs mum at summer wedding


(Though you do need to pay us)

You've seen our rates and you know what other photographers on the South coast command. But herein lies the dilemma. People who see the profit potential in wedding photography but don't (necessarily) have the skills or passion to do their job properly. That's not me.

We LOVE our job. More than I love lie-ins. Maybe just as much as I love my husband (Sorry Will). In fact, I struggle to think of what I do as a job because honestly, nothing about it feels like work to me. I get to meet the most amazing people, do something I'm genuinely great at (and adore). And I get to be part of the most special day in every couple's life. If this is a job, I never want to retire.

candid intimate moment clock barn
elmers court kids playing in the garden
fixing a flower crown


Have you ever looked at someone's wedding photos and felt a sense of deja vu? The fact is some wedding photos look and feel a little formulaic. That's not what we're about as a photographers. In fact that's the antithesis (that's a fancy word for opposite) of what we stand for.

When I shoot your wedding I'm shooting YOUR wedding. I look for all the little details that make your own day unique. So when you get your photos back they really are a true representation of the amazing time you spent celebrating your love with your friends and family. Not just another set of generic images that could be anyone, anywhere. Our photos help you relive all the emotions you felt on the day. As well as all the moments you didn't get to see.

west gate hall southampton summer wedding
happy couple at southdowns manor


Some wedding photographers will book you in, show up on the day and wait for the cheque in the post. We're a little different.

We like to get to know the couples who hire us ahead of time. So when your wedding rolls around, we're not strangers completely disconnected to you. I'm actually someone you've met a few times and feel 100% relaxed around.

When you book us for over 6 hours for your wedding we include a free engagement session, initial meet-up, and a quick coffee catch-up to go over everything one last time. By this point, we’re firm friends. You know us and we know you. So when we're there at your side moments before you say I do. Snapping away as your mum adjusts your veil, and your dad takes your arm to walk you down the aisle, you won't mind one bit.

wedding in a field hampshire


#BAGGSFORLIFE - yes this is Will and I on our wedding day, in July 2014 - take me back !

If you hadn't figured it out by now I'm female - and married. I know, double whammy! So when it comes to getting hitched (and having your photograph snapped) no one knows the drill better than me.

I get that it's your wedding day, NOT a photo shoot. So I keep the formal photos brief and relaxed so you have plenty of time to mingle with your guests. We'll work up a list of requirements pre-wedding day, so we get all the "official" pics out of the way early. Giving you plenty of time to relax and enjoy the celebrations.

We usually try to steal the happy couple away just twice during the day, in two short 15 minute bursts. Once (ideally) at sunset to make use of the beautiful fading light. But I'm there to get the photographs you want. So we're fully flexible around the two of you. And won't ever throw our toys out of the pram if things don't follow a strict schedule.

That's just one of the perks of trusting someone, who truly cares, to photograph your wedding.

Love Tash x

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outdoor wedding ceremony
garden wedding ceremony
natural and relaxed bridesmaid photos

If you'd like to meet me face-to-face to talk about your wedding plans (or just to see if I'm as nice in real life as I come across on my blog) you can get in touch using the form on our contact page and we'll reply within 48 hours.