Micro weddings, or mini weddings, are weddings of up to 15-20 people, and thanks to Covid-19 they’ve become a much more popular way for couples to tie the knot. 

Will and I actually had a micro wedding ourselves (not pandemic-related, we just wanted a really small wedding) and we loved the intimacy of saying our vows in front of just our closest family and friends.  

Sure, a micro wedding won’t be for everyone - and it doesn’t have the grandeur of a wedding with hundreds of guests – but as more couples are discovering, there’s something really special about keeping your wedding short and sweet. 

So if you’re considering a micro wedding, or still thinking about the kind of celebration you want, here are a handful of reasons why you might decide a smaller ceremony is for you…

walking down the aisle at Sopley Mill Ringwood
small- wedding ceremony at The Master Builders, Bucklers Hard
Small Garden Wedding Bride being walk down garden path by father

A micro wedding is easier to organise

If you’ve begun looking at venues or researching flowers, dresses and favours, it’s probably beginning to dawn on you just how much planning goes into a wedding. Sure this is the day you’ve dreamt about all your life, but what you might not of anticipated is the sheer number of hours you’ll have to devote (each day) to making that dream a reality. 

Planning a wedding – especially a big one – can be all-consuming and (let’s face it) flat-out exhausting. Between all the emails you have to send, the calls you have to make and the meetings you have to attend, it can feel like a second job - just without the monthly salary to sweeten the deal. 

That’s where a micro wedding is like a breath of fresh air. Keeping your guest list short and your celebration small can cut out a lot of stress. Smaller celebrations are much easier and less time-consuming to plan, and with far fewer fires to put out than a traditional wedding.

micro wedding ceremony set up at Sopley Mill Hampshire
The Master Builders wedding ceremony room set up
small marquee wedding ceremony decor

You get to enjoy quality time with ALL of your guests

Think about every wedding you’ve ever been to. Did you get the opportunity to say more than a few words to the happy couple? 

The fact is, at big weddings there just isn’t time to talk to everyone. Not to mention; the more people you invite, the more work you’re giving yourself. Take it from us, your wedding day passes by in a blink and if you’re not careful you’ll be so busy playing host you won’t find time to enjoy it. 

Only inviting 15 or 20 people means you have to be highly selective, but it also means you’ll be able to spend quality time with all of your guests. So put aside family politics and forget about offending friends whose wedding you attended. Having a big wedding was their choice: this is yours, and when push comes to shove you’ll realise what a relief it is not to invite people out of obligation or for the sake of keeping the peace. 

candid photos of first dance at Master Builders wedding
candid moment at wedding reception sopley mill
confetti at a garden wedding New forest

You don’t have to cut corners or make compromises

A wedding is a big financial outgoing and the more people you invite, the quicker the bills start racking up. Weddings of around fifty guests can easily average £15,000-£20,000, and that figure only increases as the numbers multiply.

One way couples look to mitigate the costs of having a big wedding is by making allowances when it comes to things like food and drink, number of bridesmaids or groomsmen, forfeiting a custom dress for something off the rack, or even choosing a cheaper venue than the one you really wanted. 

The beauty of inviting less people to your wedding is that you don’t have to make so many sacrifices. Fewer guests means you can get away with a smaller venue, freeing up budget so you can justify splurging on the dress of your dreams, or giving your guests a choice of wedding breakfast instead of a set menu. It’s an opportunity to have the very best, and still bring your wedding in within budget. 

Couple walking for wedding photos Sopley Mill
Bride and Groom cuddle infront of red door for wedding photography

You aren’t under so much pressure or confined by formalities

Unless you’re someone who naturally shines in the spotlight, being the centre of attention on your wedding day can actually be quite daunting. But that’s exactly what you get with a big wedding, and it can be a lot of pressure. You’ll be commandeered for chats, pulled aside for selfies and of course, there’s the exchanging of the vows in front of a sea of spectators too.

Keeping your wedding to just a handful of your nearest and dearest can feel like a weight has lifted. You’ll be free to relax and enjoy the day in the company of those who truly know and love you. Likewise, you’ll have a lot more freedom when it comes to how, when and where you get married. You can opt for a really quirky venue or tie the knot abroad – something that’s less feasible when you’re trying to coordinate a big group. 

You can also be more flexible with the dress code or the order of the day, opting to skip some parts entirely or forgo a formal wedding breakfast for a BBQ, picnic or pub lunch. Micro weddings really do afford you a lot more flexibility to be playful, buck tradition and do your wedding your way. So if you’re someone who wants a unique wedding, a micro wedding could be just the type of ceremony you’re seeking. 

wedding blessing garden reception
happy couple dance in front of family
small wedding group photos happy guests

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